The Brooklyn Bridge is an iconic sight in New York, but is it suitable for little legs? Read all about our experience of, and our tips for, walking the Brooklyn Bridge with kids. 

During our recent visit to New York City, I managed to tick off one of my bucket list experiences; walking over the Brooklyn Bridge! And what’s more, I did it with three little people in tow too.

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge with Kids

At 1.3 miles long, and very popular and busy, it’s not the easiest walk to do with younger kids. But we conquered it; and what’s more we all had a fab time! The kids are now so proud to say they have walked it, and I am super pleased too. Here are my top five tips for a successful walk across the bridge.

Enjoy the build up to the walk

We started our walk from the Brooklyn side, heading towards Manhattan, and as we were already in Greenpoint in Brooklyn that morning we jumped on the East River Ferry down to the stop at Dumbo. The ferry took us under the bridge, excitement building that we would soon be up there! It was also an absolute pleasure to see the boys faces when they spotted the Statue of Liberty for the first time as we raced down the East River.

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge with Kids

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge with Kids

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge with Kids

Before heading up on to the bridge, we let the kids have some time to play in the playground. This is also great as a reward if you’re walking the bridge from Manhattan to Brooklyn.

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge with Kids

Grab refreshments

It was a very hot day on the day we walked, so we found a fresh lemonade stand and grabbed a nice cold drink to start our walk with. I was so grateful that we did as there was little shade and it was hot work, the lemonade was just perfect to cool us down.

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge with Kids

On the Manhattan side of the bridge there were some street vendors selling cold bottles of water, but nothing on the bridge so it’s a good idea be prepared.

If you’re walking during colder months, then I imagine it would be lovely to have a nice warm take out coffee or hot chocolate to warm you up along the way!

Stay away from the bike lane!

The walkway over the bridge keeps you safely away from the busy road beneath, but it’s a shared walkway between pedestrians and cycles. I noticed quite quickly that cyclists weren’t slowly trundling along, taking in the views like us; there were some seriously fast cyclists flying across the bridge taking no prisoners! They will not slow down and will shout at you to move, so make sure you stick to your lane and keep little ones from straying over the white line too.

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge with Kids

Take your time, enjoy the views

Walking from Brooklyn to Manhattan, as we did, affords you some amazing views of the city. You can spot all the big ones – Empire State, the Chrysler, One World Trade and even the Statue of Liberty across the water. The walkways get busy, and you find yourself getting bustled along at some points. But take advantage of some of the places to stop, mainly under the main archways. Here the pathway widens, you can see down over the busy road below and there are interesting plaques to look at and spots to catch a little bit of shade whilst taking in the views.

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge with Kids

Treat yourselves – you did it!

The kids especially need a treat to congratulate them for navigating through such a hectic walk. After a sit down and water break in the gardens of City Hall, we all had a fruit ice-lollies which went down a treat!

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge with Kids

Have you ever walked the Brooklyn Bridge with Kids? Have you got any good tips too?




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19 thoughts on “Walking the Brooklyn Bridge with Kids: My Top 5 Tips

  1. Wow this looks such an amazing thing to do. I have loved to watch your adventures this summer, and your trip definitely made us want to go back. It looked so hot there! Lovely photos too x

  2. What a fantastic experience! Great photos, the weather looked amazing! We walked the bridge in 2015 in the middle of a blizzard. It was freezing! No kids in tow though as it was our honeymoon. This post has really made me want to go back! X

  3. I like the tip about having a play in the park at the beginning or end of the park. Something that would probably work well in lots of situations! What amazing views.

    1. The views really were so amazing, and worked well at keeping the kids interested – as well as the playground and promise of ice lollies!

  4. I have visited a few times, but only ever walked over the Bridge once. That was in 1997 or something ridiculous! I need to go back soon with the children. We went with them on Halloween one year, but it was too cold to venture out to walk over Brooklyn Bridge and now I really want to! Such a beautiful view. Love your pictures.

    1. Thanks – it certainly was a pleasure to photograph! Yes, I don’t think I could walk it in the cold, it is too exposed. Thanks for reading. x

  5. Oh this brings back lovely memories. We stayed in Brooklyn when I went to NY but it was pre-kids so have never done the walk with children. Some great tips and I’ll definitely remember the one about the cycle lane, eek! Thanks for linking up to #familytraveltips

  6. oh this looks amazing Daisy, we have driven over but not walked, we so want to go back to NYC and this is now on my list x

  7. Walking the Brooklyn Bridge is something I’ve always wanted to do and these are such great tips for making it a fun activity with kids in tow. I just love the photos of your gorgeous kids on the boat and on the bridge. Thanks so much for sharing on #FarawayFiles

  8. I’ve never done this either, but I’m headed to NYC in October so can possibly check it off! Fabulous pics and great tips to take littles across. I’m sure they felt a great sense of accomplishment once done! Thanks for sharing with #FarawayFiles, we are happy to have you part of the community! Cheers from Copenhagen, Erin

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