I can’t believe I’m really saying this, but it’s true – I miss Cbeebies!

The boys have moved on; they’re now into Scooby Doo, Tom and Jerry or football matches. Baby DaisLikeThese is too young to even care what is on TV. But me? I want to know what disasters Postman Pat is getting up to, what package he has decided to open up or destroy en route. I’m desperate to know how Topsy and Tim are getting on at their new school, or what adventures are occuring in Treetropolis. Is Peter Rabbit still promoting fruit and vegetable theft to his young audience? Have the Tombliboos found their trousers?!

Don’t get me wrong, Tom and Jerry is a classic and I do find myself mulling over theories of who dunnit in Scooby Doo. But I feel like the boys have moved on just a bit too quickly and it’s made me have to go Cbeebies cold turkey! Am I really going to have to miss the Cbeebies Panto later this year? Can I get away with watching it sans children, or is that just weird?!


Maybe I am mourning the growing up of my kids? Maybe I am missing the days when the adventures of Captain Barnacles or Andy on his Wild Adventures would be enough to keep them gripped? Maybe I miss the routine the the schedule helped us get in to (the weird world of Iggle Piggle obviously means it’s nearly bedtime/wine o’clock).

Or maybe I just really love Cbeebies?!

Either way, I am counting down the days until I can pop on a bit of Charlie and Lola or Abney and Teal and pretend I’m doing it for the benefit of Baby DaisLikeThese. Sad, I know!

(All pictures courtesy of the BBC website)

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11 thoughts on “Mourning the loss of CBeebies!

  1. I can’t say I agree, haha. My son would probably still watch it but we opt for Milkshake instead as I think I’ve seen far too much cBeebies over the last couple of years. Though I probably will miss it when he’s too grown up simply because it’ll be a horrible reminder he’s no longer a baby! πŸ™ Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

  2. Hehe this made me chuckle. My little guy isn’t really into TV yet so I haven’t experienced the joy of CBeebies just yet. I guess it is strange when they end up being too grown up for something they used to love though! I think watching the panto on your own could be a step too far…#chucklemums

  3. My kids are 9 and 7 and we still sing the 64 Zoo Lane theme tune now and then, fond memories of the bedtime hour…ahh xx #chucklemums ps loved that Nanny Plum was so sardonic

    1. Thing is, I think the boys would actually still love it but they *think* that it is too young for them!
      Thanks for reading. X
      P.s. I totally have the 64 Zoo Lane song stuck in my head now!!

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