My Wednesday Whinge #4 – Bottles and Teats

My Wednesday Whinge #4 – Bottles and Teats

So the time has come for me to have my little weekly moan! I am counting myself very lucky this week that the only thing going on in my life worth moaning about is baby bottles!!

Here goes:

So, baby DaisLikeThese is now exclusively bottle fed. Because I had, up until last week, been breast feeding and then mixed feeding (bottle and breast) I was just rotating two bottles, washing and sterilising as and when I needed them. But I obviously now need more bottles than that (unless I want to spend half my day at the sink and waiting by the microwave!) so I ventured out to buy some more.

Firstly – how expensive are baby bottles?! Luckily for me I noticed someone had posted on Facebook that Aldi were selling the exact bottles that I needed at a bargain price, but otherwise you’re looking at over £5 per bottle.

Secondly – and this is my major gripe – If like me you have breastfed for the first nearly six months, you can’t just go out and buy a bottle with a teat for a six month old. No! You have to buy a bottle with a teat for a new born and then spend another £5 per pack buying teats for a six month old. What a swizz!

Obviously this would be too easy, and wouldn’t make nearly as much profit, but would’t it be great if you could go out and buy a bottle with suitable teat for a six month old baby?!

Luckily for my 4 year old though, unused slow flow newborn teats make amazing siren lights on his homemade fire engine!!

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