Happy Mondays #4 – That Was Yummy, Mummy!

Happy Mondays #4 – That Was Yummy, Mummy!

Happy Mondays

There is nothing worse than cooking a lovely dinner for your kids, for them to just to turn around and state, in their brutal kids honesty, that “this is disgusting, I’m not eating it” Unfortunately for me, this is a fairly regular occurrence in my house, I even wrote a blog post about it!

But, and I hope I am not tempting fate here, I think the tide may be changing. My children seem to be broadening their foodie horizons and actually eating and enjoying *some* of my dinners.

So now on a Sunday when I can cook up a lovely roast dinner, we can sit down as a family and eat, chat and have fun rather than the usual whinging, criticism, food prodding and, if they they are in full ‘wind up mummy’ mode, a bit of fake gagging!

This weekend every morsel of food was cleaned from the plates of my cheeky monkeys (bar the roast potatoes of my 7yr old who genuinely doesn’t like potatoes – I only believe that he doesn’t like potatoes because he doesn’t even eat chips and any kid who doesn’t eat chips must be telling the truth!!). I could happily offer desert without the normal fierce negotiations on what needs to be eaten before I will even consider giving in.

I have learnt to take small victories when I can get them, and if we can have that one meal a week where they happily sit and eat then I am a happy mum. Maybe one day it will be two meals a week?

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